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KREEPSVILLE 666 Villain Flame Skater Dress 5% Spandex, 95% Cotton ¾ Sleeve Detail

KREEPSVILLE has outdone itself again with this awesome design. You only need to wear this magnificently stretchy, soft, and pliant dress skater to feel whole as a woman. This Villain Skater Dress is available now from KREEPSVILLE, the global leaders in stylish clothing.

This villain dress skater appropriately suits any special outing with that particular person. Every of this creation is beautiful, sensational, and elegant. In this dress, you will look arresting, sexy, and spectacular with t fit and flare design. Wow! This dress can give you high confidence and help you feel on top of the world.

You don’t need to cover this dress with any old jacket with its ¾ sleeve detail. Just don your dress with dangling earrings, suitable necklace, matching handbag, and waltz down on your spiky heels. You will leave everyone in that party speechless with envy. Do you know why? It is because you are the hottest babe around in this villain dress skater.

Just check out the super soft, stylish, and beautiful design of this dress. Its sleeves and the upper side is entirely black while the downside is accentuated with greenish soft prints. The greenish design appropriately showcases the green and purple flames, respectively.

The low ruched sweetheart neckline enhances the sexy look of this dress skater, and it delivers a perfect fit. On the upper side of this dress, you can see a villain skull which provides special effects. The quality of this dress is quite high, with 95% cotton and 5% spandex from the USA. As a result, it is soft, moldable, and stretchy to snuggle to your body perfectly. Also, it is durable, wear and tear-resistant, and washing friendly. Its sizes range from small to extra-extra-large so that every size option will be satisfied. If you are a mature lady with stylish and high-fashion inclination, do not miss this dress!

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New Kreepsville 666 Elvira Leo Luggage Sleeveless Tee 100% Cotton

Do you know that you can waltz into a party and create a stir with Elvira Mistress of the Dark Tee? It is the perfect design to maximize your sultry walk and create quite a sensation on any occasion. Well, you shouldn’t be surprised since it is invented by KREEPSVILLE. They are renowned worldwide designers of unique, sensational, spell-binding clothes that are out of this world.

What is onboard now from Kreepsville is this Elvira Leo Luggage Sleeveless Tee which is crafted in the USA with pure cotton material. This particular design is exceptional and mind-blowing. It satisfies every fashion dream you may have as a woman or girl who is fashion savvy. You can get this sultry and dazzling creation now at Egg n Chips Clothing, London.

This design is quite simple, but when you put it on, you will become glamorous and arresting. It has a way of bringing out your natural elegance to perfection. You can don this outstanding tee to that party or date night with confidence. It’s totally dark background highlighted with a greenish leopard skin fine print.

Additionally, there is also an Elvira mistress of the dark picture which is placed at the middle of this tee for special effects. Wow! Just check out the neckline of this sleeveless tee. It personifies confidence, irresistible, and boldness. Whether you are vying for a classy or simple look, this Kreepsville mistress of the dark tee can suit them. Just rock this sensational creation with a jacket and correct pants to a bar, club, party, or date night. It can go with a red, white, black, or blue skirt or shorts also. You will look drop-dead gorgeous. In fact, only your sparkling elegance will render people speechless, and you will still be comfortable while wearing this tee. You will become that sassy, sensuous, and sultry girl that everybody will remember for a very long time.  

This sleeveless tee comes in various sizes that range from small to extra-large to accommodate every size option.

Don’t miss this opportunity. Shop now from Egg n Chips Clothing, London. Get hold of your own affordable, stylish, sassy, and beautiful T-shirt. You will applaud yourself forever for your foresight.     


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Kreepsville 666 Web Skater Skirt

Do you want to dazzle the daylights out all those people in that party? Then this is your chance. With the Kreepsville 666 Web Skater Skirt, you can achieve this great fete. In this skirt, you can cast your particular alluring and sensational web in any event. Of course, you can only get hold of this skirt at KREEPSVILLE! The world’s best leading alternate clothing shop.

If you are a fashion-savvy lady, you don’t want to miss the opportunity of grabbing this sensational skater. Take it from me. When you don this black flared skater skirt and show off your long straight legs; you will look drop-dead gorgeous. In short, you will leave your date quite speechless with wonder.

Kreepsville designed this skirt to be unique and comfortable. It has an elasticized waist to produce a perfect fit. It is a unique mini skirt with a polyester blend to get up your outfit. Oh my Gosh! Imagine the fine cobweb prints? They are quite spooky and perfect for any Halloween event or any day of the year.

With its black and white background, you can comfortably rock this skater with a white or black jacket, vest, tank-top, or t-shirt, and you will deliver a dazzling effect.

Kreepsville specially crafted this spell-binding mini-skirt with 95% polyester and 5% spandex material. Thus; it can snuggle up to your body as one. Not only that, it is machine-washable, fade-resistant, and highly durable. What more could you ask for?

With its sizes that range from small to extra-large, you will get the size to fit you to perfection. The question is, are you confident and daring enough to cast this exquisite web of sensuality on your unsuspecting admirers?   

Why not shop at Egg n Chips Clothing store today for a great shopping experience and get the chance to add this classy and stylish skater skirt to your wardrobe!


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Kreepsville 666 Elvira Comic Icons Purple Skater Dress 5% Spandex, 95% Cotton, ¾ Sleeve Length

Wow! Kreepsville has done it again with this latest sensational Elvira Comic Icons Purple Skater Dress. Just say goodbye to your inhibitions and explore your sassy and daring nature with this dress. This dress is a great hit among women with high fashion sense, and it’s making waves in the fashion world. Well, it isn’t surprising since Kreepsville is always upgrading in their designs.

Kreepsville is one of the global leaders in the world of fashion. No wonder they are always producing unique, beautiful, stylish, classic, and arresting designs. Their latest is this Elvira Comic Icons Purple Skater Dress with 95% cotton and 5% spandex. If you are a fashion-savvy lady or girl, this dress is a must-have. It can fulfil any of your exotic fashion dreams. This arresting Elvira Comic Icons Skater Dress is available now at Egg n Chips Clothing store.!

Why don’t you rock this dress skater to that glamorous party or date night and stir up the occasion a bit? It is an officially licensed Elvira dress with perfect body fit. This purple and black psychobilly skater dress are specially designed with a sweetheart neckline and ¾ sleeves length to show emphasize your natural allure.

  With its purple and black background, it can show off your figure to perfection. Now just imagine what this Elvira Comic print material with the best classic icons and logo on the chest can do for you. You will be the centre of attraction at that party or date night. Everybody will be vying for your attention, and your partner may even burst in his breeches out of pride.

Just don this dress with your heels, dangling ear loops, perfect handbag to match and become that heart-stopping, sizzling hot babe on the roll. This dress comes in S to XXL sizes to ensure that your size will be available.

Grab this opportunity now! That if this Kreepsville 666 Elvira Comic Icons Skater dress is still in stock. You only need to shop at Egg n Chips Clothing store to add this affordable, alluring, daring, elegant, and arresting skater dress to your collection. 

Banned Apparel’s Santa Fe top

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The Banned Apparel presents one of the most populous designs in top print involving the skull, web and spider print to help you excite your audience any time you step out. If you think you are daring, young, sassy and good looking then the top is just the right tool you need to step up your game and available at one of UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chip, London.


The Santa Fe top is an elegant sleeveless body clinging hip length top that gives emphasis to your lovely shapes and curves, boosting your confidence in your looks and helping you get set for that special time outing with friends, a casual evening out with a special friend or it’s a girls-night-out.


This low round neck top comes a the perfect choice with an intricate print design of a female human skeleton with hair and a crawling spider in front as well as the spider web at the rear all to add more to the coolness and the beauty of the top.


The Santa Fe top offers you a true fit to body size your wardrobe can’t be complete without this one creepy dark top. It comes in a variety of small to extra-large sizes just so you can get a chance to have a first-hand creepy experience indeed. Just because it’s a high-quality black top with intricate print designs you can combine it perfectly with any plain or patterned trouser or skirt to give you that elegant look always.


With its 90% cotton fabric quality and 10% elastane knitted quality you get to enjoy two guarantees of a durable long-lasting fabric with high-quality print sure to last a long time of washing.


Still what if feels like to be creepy? Hurry now to find out as you place your order today for the Banned Apparel’s Santa Fe top and we deliver promptly. All orders come with a 14-day money back guarantee in line with Egg n Chips, London return policy.

Banned Apparel’s Black Logan Top

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It’s another chance to look your very best on a casual outing with the Black Logan top by the Banned Apparel available today at the Egg n Chips, London.


The Black Logan top by the Banned Apparel helps bring out the lady of class, style and a touch of elegance in you with such high-quality blacktop. The top offers you a sleeveless round low neck shirt carefully and properly fitted to your body size and to help call attention to those lovely shapes and curves you’ve got.


Banned Apparel chose the delectable flowery and skull print concept to help send home the message better and created the needed appeal of a good looking lady with poise and style. Because a touch of black and white combination always plays out in an excellent manner, the Black Logan top is just the perfect outfit for that evening outing with that special friend, girls-night-out, a walk during a warm summer evening, etc.


The use of tattered designs at the rear of the Black Logan top only helps to place the emphasis where it matters most and to bare just the right amount of necessities to get you started, boosting your confidence level.


The top comprises of 95% Viscose and 5% elastane of some of the finest quality to guarantee a durable and long lasting washing experience without any fades. Also, exercise no worries about sizes as the top comes in a variety of sizes to cater for both the small and the extra-large size and that’s how Banned Apparel’s got you clothed.

So, bring your wardrobe alive, hurry now and place an order for your Black Logan top today and enjoy Egg n Chips, hospitality and speed of delivery. But remember, all purchases are in line with the company’s return policy with a 14-day money back guarantee.

Garden of Darkness Top by Banned Apparel

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Go mystical and get a little into the dark in the Banned Apparel’s Garden of Darkness top made for the young, bold and sassy lady. The Garden of Darkness top available at one of UK’s leading alternative clothing stores, Egg n Chips, London is one way the Banned Apparel intends making a bold statement in your clothing collections.


The Rockabilly Garden of Darkness top offers you an intriguing free-flowing black shirt with no sleeves and a round neckline to help create an appeal around your dressing and looks. The choice of a skull print by the Banned Apparel is deliberate in making a statement about the reality of life using the all-popular skull print to help you get noticed out of the crowd.


Banned Apparel’s choice of flower and skull print at the front centre of the top not only gives the top a touch of class but comes from high-quality print technology. The rear of the Garden of Darkness top incorporates the mesh with flowery designs all to help bare some necessities and further boost your confidence when worn with the right combination of skirt or trousers.


It comes in a variety of sizes from small to extra-large just to ensure enough dark spaces for everyone so feel free to order yours now.


The material comes from high-quality print and fabric technology of 95% Viscose and 5% elastane to stand the test of time and guarantee several years of washing without fading out easily.


Now, who says a little darkness isn’t necessary for your wardrobe? So dark up your dress sense with the Garden of Darkness top by Banned Apparel when you place your order now without delays. Each order enjoys a hassle-free 14-day money back guarantee all in line with Egg n Chips, London.

The Garden of Darkness top by the Banned Apparel, turn your dark side on!

Kiss Kiss Top by Banned Apparel

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Get this Kiss Kiss top by the Banned Apparel and make a bold statement in style only for the fashionable, trendy and classy lady, available at the Egg n Chips, London.

The Kiss kiss top presents one of Banned Apparel’s simple, cute and finest top only for you. The top offers you the freedom to look good in a sleeveless, low round neck black top fitted as a true body size to help bring out your curves at all the right angles.

It’s a hip length black top with web and cat print designs at the centre and the cat face/ eyes at the rear all to spice up your clothing experience and boosts your confidence level. And that makes it the more reason the Santa Fe offers an excellent opportunity to show off using Banned Apparel’s creative punk and rock-ability clothing combined with a stylish trouser or top to create the appeal.

The Kiss Kiss top gives you just the outfit for your evening outing, a casual day at work, hanging out with friends or a walk in the part. The top comes in as much as 4 different sizes to ensure we’ve got you covered from small to extra-large sizes. And when it is time to wash, feel free to wash away without any worries about quality print and fabric design of 90% cotton and 10% elastane of the highest quality.

We’ve done the most difficult part at the Banned Apparel, yours is to remain simply ravishing, radiant and good looking in the Banned Apparel’s Santa Fe top.

So, place your order today at UK’s leading alternative clothing store and let Egg n Chips, London treat your order with all sense of urgency. Remember all purchases are in order with the company’s return policy and a 14-day money back guarantee.

Anatomy Notes Miniskirt

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Anatomy Notes MiniskirtDon’t miss out on a bit of Kreepsville 666 macabre with this gorgeous figure hugging Anatomy Notes Mini Skirt. This bad boy is sure to get you attention, in a stunning colour and a perfect amount of gore, this skirt is perfect for any psychobilly bombshell.


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Monster Mouth Miniskirt

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Monster Mouth Mini Skirt by Kreepsville 666Scare off all your neighbours in this super cool Monster Mouth Mini Skirt by Kreepsville 666. We totally dig this artwork and killer Psychobilly style, Kreepsville never fail to impress. Get yours today, before we sell out.


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