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Banned Apparel’s Santa Fe top

Posted on April 1, 2018 in psychobilly clothes, psychobilly clothing, Psychobilly Tops by

The Banned Apparel presents one of the most populous designs in top print involving the skull, web and spider print to help you excite your audience any time you step out. If you think you are daring, young, sassy and good looking then the top is just the right tool you need to step up your game and available at one of UK’s leading alternative clothing store, Egg n Chip, London.


The Santa Fe top is an elegant sleeveless body clinging hip length top that gives emphasis to your lovely shapes and curves, boosting your confidence in your looks and helping you get set for that special time outing with friends, a casual evening out with a special friend or it’s a girls-night-out.


This low round neck top comes a the perfect choice with an intricate print design of a female human skeleton with hair and a crawling spider in front as well as the spider web at the rear all to add more to the coolness and the beauty of the top.


The Santa Fe top offers you a true fit to body size your wardrobe can’t be complete without this one creepy dark top. It comes in a variety of small to extra-large sizes just so you can get a chance to have a first-hand creepy experience indeed. Just because it’s a high-quality black top with intricate print designs you can combine it perfectly with any plain or patterned trouser or skirt to give you that elegant look always.


With its 90% cotton fabric quality and 10% elastane knitted quality you get to enjoy two guarantees of a durable long-lasting fabric with high-quality print sure to last a long time of washing.


Still what if feels like to be creepy? Hurry now to find out as you place your order today for the Banned Apparel’s Santa Fe top and we deliver promptly. All orders come with a 14-day money back guarantee in line with Egg n Chips, London return policy.

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