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Dead Thread – Black and red lace-up dress

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Dead Thread – Black and red lace-up dress

Egg and Chips, London presents this trailblazer made by Dead Thread for the wild anddaring at heart.
The Dead Thread dress is a neatly sewn black mini dress with red lace-up on both sides tailor-made for you. This perfect little black dress is sure to express your uniqueness and leaves you feeling fabulous. A must-have for the poppy generation to flaunt your wild spirit. For the party or club enthusiasts here’s the perfect black and red lace-up dress for an outing.
The black and red lace-up dress from Dead thread is styled in red lace on both sides intertwined in rivets and safety pin details. The front of the dress has a unique design of a zipper opening at the front. The neckline comes with O-rings down to the underarm.
Yeah! an excellent way to glam up for a head-turning gaze.
Creating that bad girl look is achievable with this Dead Thread’s lace-up dress made from 100% cotton. The choice of fabric allows for a soft and comfortable feeling. Since the cotton fabric is breathable, your skin can breathe thereby eliminating skin rash. No frets huh!
This beautiful fabric edifice can be teamed up with an elegant hose and a favorite boot, strappy sandals, or sneakers. And yes, it’s great with heels too if you rock them. Minimal accessories are required if keeping it toned down is the aim. Combining a pair of hoops or silver studs and a statement necklace is a dope, don’t forget the wristband.
Amazingly it is a timeless little black and red lace-up dress for all seasons. Honey, get a little glam up on your social life with this hot piece.
Where to get this fabulous dress? Visit Egg and Chips stores, UK. Limited quantities are available. Get your order speedily with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

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