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Dead Thread –men’s white vines design shirt

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Dead Thread –men’s white vines design shirt

Here’s another super dapper design from Dead Thread. The Men’s white vines design shirt at Egg and Chips Company, London.
Are you interested in looking good? Here’s the aesthetics of style in its class. The Dead Threads white shirt is an eye-catching design and a definition of sophistication.
Talking about class and style, the vines design shirt is a classic fit men’s shirt with a black and red design. Two red stitching lines in front of the shirt give it an ….. With a roll-up sleeve, pop open collar buttons, and an alluring appearance. Wear this vine design shirt with sprezzatura. The hem proves the ability to tuck or untuck the shirt giving a sleek and stunning look. Another intriguing feature is the red stitching on the
collar. A perfect example of the classic white shirt making it a must-have.
This shirt allows you to play with various pant choices and create a style that’s unique to you. A fun playful shoe choice is a natural blend with this doping shirt whether it’s a sneaker or a boot. A serious one is explicit with this outfit too. Whatever you have on from head to toe is a perfect blend with the white shirt. Whether with a sleek groomed hairstyles or mess up with hair paste for signature fits this smashing shirt choice.
Because it’s made from cotton, it keeps you cool and prevents you from feeling hot. It’s soft and amazingly comfortable enough for your skin. The fabric is machine washable and easy to iron or team for a great result.
Be it formal, casual, or a combination, you will be dazed by how well this vine shirt work to fit the need.
The men’s white vines design shirt is available on order at the Egg and Chips store, London. It comes with a 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

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