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Iron Fist Shoes – Zombie Stomper Platform Heels

Posted on February 22, 2010 in Iron fist Shoes, psychobilly clothes, psychobilly clothing, Psychobilly Shoes by

zombie-stomper-platformsWow, Iron Fist Clothing are infamous for their punk rock designs and their shoes are by far the most popular and these platform heels don’t disappoint.

Four inch stiletto heels, cute as hell satin bow these Iron Fist shoes are super comfy and styilish. With their peep toe design and being made from PU makes these durable and absolutely perfect for all seasons, weather it’s summer and your bare foot or winter and wearing leopard print tights.

Don’t worry about standing out from the crowd with these you’ll be the envy of all the zombie hordes.

The artwork on these heels are so detailed they even have a zombie eye printed under the toe.

This zombie design is by far one of their most inventive designs but by no means their only inventive designs you can fiind many more Iron Fist Shoes over at Egg n Chips Clothing along with many more Psychobilly brands.

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