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Let’s unleash the fear… Halloween is here!

Psychobilly gals, guys and ghouls will be glad to know that it’s nearly Halloween – a time where you can really show off your love for all things horror. This year, make your Halloween extra scary with gory goodies from Kreepsville 666, Jawbreaker, New Rock and Hades.

Kreepsville 666 are the masters of Psychobilly clothing, creating retro B-movie horror style artwork that’s darkly funny and creepy.

The Vampira Tunic Dress

Vampira Tunic DressThis red-hot bodycon tunic dress will cling to your curves like nothing else. The retro Vampira Show artwork features the stunning Vampira on the front and the original logo on the back surrounded by spooky little bats. This dress really speaks for itself, so team it with ripped stockings and killer heels and you’ll have everybody under your spell…

See it here:


Green Skeleton Pencil Skirt

Green Skeleton Pencil SkirtReveal curves to literally die for in this creepy skeleton pencil skirt. We love the screaming toxic green skeleton print on the front – it looks frighteningly like your own bones… This pencil skirt is super-flattering, and it’s guaranteed to give you a foxy hourglass silhouette. If you wish to mix scary with sexy, this one’s for you.

See it here:


I Love Zombies T-Shirt

I Love Zombies T-ShirtShow undying love for the undead in this wickedly funny tight-fitting tee. Instead of the typical red heart in those ubiquitous ‘I heart’ tees, there’s a putrid green heart dripping gruesome gore down the front. Team it with skinny black jeans for a darkly sexy outfit.

See it here:


Daddy’s Ghoul beater

Daddy's Ghoul BeaterParty hard in this badass Daddy’s Ghoul beater top. It’s simultaneously cute and creepy. The amazing tattoo-style artwork is freakishly fun, featuring blood-dripping horror font and skulls. This sleeveless black vest can be dressed up or down; we think it’d look absolutely fierce with hotpants, fishnets and big bad boots.

See it here: www.eggnchipsclothing/products/kreepsville-666-daddys-ghoul-beater

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