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Rase Hell With Hades Shoes

Posted on October 30, 2013 in Hades Shoes, halloween clothing, Psychobilly Shoes by

Let’s unleash the fear… Halloween is here!

Psychobilly gals, guys and ghouls will be glad to know that it’s nearly Halloween – a time where you can really show off your love for all things horror. This year, make your Halloween extra scary with gory goodies from Kreepsville 666, Jawbreaker, New Rock and Hades.

Hades Shoes are bursting with Steampunk style, merging Victoriana with industrial details and killer heels.

Iron Punk Stiletto Heels

Iron Punk Stiletto PlatformsOuch! These spiked stilettos will add dangerous attitude to your Halloween outfit. With a chunky metal-look platform, an awesome iron column heel and spiked studs on the back, these shoes will do all the talking for you. They’d look pretty damn hot with a black leather mini…

See it here:

Orion Ankle Strap Booties

Orion Ankle Strap Stiletto PlatformsYou’ll look like a real star in these jaw-dropping Orion ankle strap booties! These unearthly shoes are a must for Halloween if you’re a sci-fi fan. We love the scale detailing down the front which make your feet look like the claws of a beast. The spinal metal stiletto heel will give you legs that are out of this world, too.

See it here:

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